Click here to see an animated view of "Plavecka Priepast" Stalagmite in the cave

Key fragment of 4.3 m, stalagmite located in "Plavecka Priepast" (Slovakia). Maximum tensile stresses computed for Oroszlany, 2011 seismic excitations recorded at BUD station (60 m underground) with horizontal PGA=8.04mm/s/s, PGV=0.497mm/s (geometric means)
Fragment of the stalagmite MESH at the height of 161 cm

Supplementary material to paper "Seismic vulnerability of a slender stalagmite" by Zembaty Z., Bonkowski P.A, Jaworski M.A., Gribovszki K., published in Journal of Earthquake Engineering in 2022

The geometry of the stalagmite has been obtained using laser scan by courtesy of A.Arpas, B. Balzan and M. Ruttkay, Archeological Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences