MOTTO:"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes" - Marcel Proust


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Davos, Switzerland - panoramic view on the Alps from the Schatzalp hotel, March 2015

Davos - historic Schatzalp hotel, March 2015

Davos - night view from the balcony of Schatzalp hotel (with Scorpius & Saturn over Alps), March 2015, Canon EOS 5D

Opole downtown in Winter, Canon EOS 50D

Meteorological inversion over the Opole downtown, Canon EOS 50D

Forests in "Opawskie" Mountains - Pl/Cz border, Fall 2004/Winter 2006, Summer 2009, Konica KD310Z, Canon EOS 50D.

Fall 2004 - "Bolko" Island - Canon EOS 300D

Winter 2008, 2009 & 2010 - "Bolko" Island & Opavice - Canon EOS 50D

Sunset as seen from a roof in Opole, June 27th 2005, Canon 300D, Sigma Zoom at 300mm

Weekend house in the moonlight (Fall 2002 & Winter 2005)

East shore of Dead Sea, February 2003, Olympus UltraZoom.

Negev Desert Israeal, Desert Road, (Mekhtesh Ramon, April 2006, Canon EOS 300D). A desert landscape, bush and views on Micpe Ramon crater, Timna, region of ancient copper mines (December 2007, Canon EOS 30D)

Misty San Francisco as seen from Sausalito (January 2004, Konica KD310Z), two pictures of a street in San Francisco (December 2006, Canon EOS 300D), a view on Golden Gate bridge (September 2007, Canon EOS 30D).

Los Angeles by night & day as seen from Griffith Observatory, December 2006, Konica KD310Z & Canon EOS 300D

A characteristic landscape of Maui Island (Hawaii), October 2002, Olympus Kamedia.

A View on the mountains surrounding Lago Magiore, November 2003, Konica KD310Z.

Stonehenge under the clouds, September 2006, Canon EOS 300D

People's Republic of China (July 2009), Sketches of Beijing, Zhouzhuang and Shanghai, Canon EOS 50D

Bridge with the longest span in the World (1994m): Akashi Bridge, Japan near Kobe, October 2006, Canon EOS 300D

South Africa, Gordon's Bay, Table Mountain, Cape Garden, Swart Berge (Black Mountains), Milky Way & Magellanic Clouds as seen from Karoo, January 2009, Canon EOS 50D

Italia, September 2008, Siena, 4xPaestum, Etna, Canon EOS 50D

New Zealand, September 2013, Lake Tekapo, Canon EOS 5D