Comparison of mine induced rockburst effects on buildings & low intensity earthquakes
A comparison of rockburst induced ground motion with low intensity earthquakes was carried out. Various strong motion parameters such as Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA), velocity (PGV) and displacements (PGD) as well as strong motion duration, Arias intensity, Fourier and response spectra were compared with the those from earthquakes. It was concluded that although short duration is the most obvious parameter that differentiates rockbursts from earthquakes, in fact their high dominant frequencies, which result in high PGA/PGV ratios differentiate them the most. Two types of rockburst induced ground motions were identified: typical with 3-6 months return period and characteristic, high frequency content (similar to surface blasts) - as well as rare events similar to shallow, low intensity earthquakes.

For more information see: Soil Dynamics & Earthquake Engineering, vol.24, 2004, pp.11-23