Zbigniew ZEMBATY Short CV - September 2023

    Personal data: surname: ZEMBATY, name: Zbigniew, date of birth: August 25th, 1955, place of birth: Opole, Poland, Nationality: Polish, Citizenship: Polish, e-mail: z.zembaty@po.opole.pl, z.zembaty@po.edu.pl
    Research fields of interest: civil engineering, structural mechanics, random vibrations, reliability of structural systems, seismic engineering, engineering seismology, seismic wave passage effects, and structural vibrations, vibration-based damage detection & health monitoring of civil engineering structures, rotational component of seismic ground motion and its effect on structures.
    Up to date list of publications is available on the personal web page:
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    Bibliometric data as of September 2023:
    Web of Science Researcher ID: V-9508-2018
    h_index Web of Science Core Collection=16, Scopus(18), Google Scholar(24)
    Listed among top 2% researchers of the World as reported by Stanford University

    Member of steering/scientific committees of major international conferences:
    Member of Scientific Committees of European Conferences on Earthquake Engineering (Vienna, 1994, Paris 1998, Istanbul 2014), World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Santiago, Chile January, 2017, Member of IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing) Working Group 7.5 and Scientific Comittee of international conferences: "Reliability and Optimization of Structural Systems".

    Leading major research grants:
    Winning competitions for Polish National Science Foundation grants (leader of the research projects): Grant KBN PB 0373/P4/94/06 Effects of stochastic, seismic wave propagation on random vibrations of structures (3 years: 1994-1996) Grant KBN PB 1023/T07/97/12 Dynamic identification of shaking table vibrations of models of old masory structures (2 years: 1997-1998) Grant KBN PB1562/T07/2001/20 Dynamic identification of shaking table vibrations of models of old masory structures (2 years: 2001-2002) Grant MNiI 1717/T07/2005/29 Damage detection by measuring structural vibrations (2 years” 2005-2007) Grant MNiSzW 2890/B/T02/2009/37 Simulation and experimental research on the application of rotational sensors in dynamic identification of structures (2 years – from 2009 to 2011)

    Participating in international or EU research grants:
    Ministry of University Research of Italy, MURST 2118, 26/11/93, National Research Council of Italy, 90 00956.PF54, European Economic Community ERB-CPA-CT-92-0367, Co-proposing and leading: Experimental evaluation of technical interventions to reduce seismic vulnerability of old existing buildings, PECO Program (1994-1996). Access to Large Scale Facilities of the Consortium of European Shaking Tables: co-proposing and co-leading Damage estimation using dynamic excitation (1998).

    Consulting background: Oct.14th 1985 – Dec. 31st 1986, half time job as consultant and designer in the Design Office of Tall Thin-walled Structures, Gliwice, POLAND,
    From December 1988 to January 1989, Design and FEM work in the Studio Finzi, Nova and Castellani, Milan, Italy.
    Consulting regarding seismic resistance of electric disconnectors designed against seismic effects for various countries.
    2013 to 2014 Consulting regarding surface civil engineering structures protection against strong rockbursts resulting from deep mining, participation in Technical Advisory Board for Nuclear Power Plant site investigation in Poland. WorleyParsons